Janet McCain Huckabee (born July 16, 1955) is the wife of Mike Huckabee. She was the First Lady of Arkansas from 1996 to January 2007.

Biography Edit

Janet Huckabee moved with her family as an baby to Hope, Arkansas. She graduated from Hope High School in 1974, and married Mike Huckabee in May of that same year. Within two years of their marriage, she was diagnosed with spinal cancer. Because he may have had paralysis and not being able to have children, she had surgery and six weeks of radiation therapy. She eventually recovered and gave birth to three children: two sons, John Mark and David, and a daughter, Sarah.

Political career Edit

In 2002, she was the Republican Party nominee for Arkansas Secretary of State and in that same year her husband was runnin for a second term as Governor. She was defeated by the Democratic Party nominee, State Land Commissioner Charlie Daniels. Her husband fared better in his reelection bid, defeating his Democratic opponent, State Treasurer Jimmie Lou Fisher.

The following year, she earned an undergraduate degree from John Brown University.

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